It's difficult to think that  20 years ago, Jay Z's highly-acclaimed debut album, Reasonable Doubt was released and forever changed the hip hop. And while many generations continue to honor the legacy and significance of the album, Jay Z shared a heartfelt message on how the record impacted him, and ultimately changed his life.

Jay Z, a man of few words little words, and very little tweets, posted on his Twitter account, in celebration of the album's 20th anniversary.

"This album literally saved my life........ I can't thank you all enough," he tweeted. In terms of the healing nature of the record, Jay has been vocal about his rags to riches story of selling dope on the corner to becoming a well known name in music and business. But while the album may have been healing for him, it also came with a number of life lessons about hustling, friendships, and success.

Jay's sincere message comes after the release of RD20, a documentary on the making and impact of the album, exclusively on TIDAL. And it was later announced that the Los Angeles pop-up shop APT 4B, which was named after Brooklyn's Marcy Projects where he lived prior to hitting it big, would be selling Reasonable Doubt merchandise. The shop sells T-shirts, hats, cassettes, and more memorabilia in honor of the epic album.

Join in on the celebration of the 20th anniversary of Jay Z's Reasonable Doubt here, and check out the rapper's tweet below.