Mr. West had quite the weekend for himself after premiering the visual for 'FAMOUS' Friday night (June 24) to a packed Los Angeles Forum. Yeezy then double-up and gave us a 40 minute rework of 'Father Stretch My Hands'.

The rework is similar to the shortened version that was played at the 'FAMOUS' visual reveal, where the music for that presentation was written by electronica duo, DJ Dodger Stadium. The glorious remix was heard at Paris fashion week, in a Men's Spring/Summer 2017 show for Off-White, which was headed by longtime Ye' friend, Virgil Abloh. Hip-hop seeping into the fashion world is a beautiful thing.

The master of ceremony perfectly orchestrated a number of different sounds and instruments into a flowing work of art. Soft beats that are soothing to the ear are accompanied by key board melodies and intermittent strings, then A repeated "Beautiful Morning" pops in courtesy of Kid Cudi.

As the track progresses, more lyrics from the original The Life Of Pablo track 'Father Stretch My Hands Pt.1' are heard. As the ending approaches, a more up-tempo sound is used with the accompanied 'Beautiful Morning' vocals in the background as the apex nears, the remix ends abruptly at around the 40 minute mark.

Check out how it sounded with clips from the fashion show below.

Listen to the vibes from the remix below.

MAIN IMAGE CREDIT: Instagram: @YeezyTalkWorldWide