Vancouver's one and only Human Serviette, Nardwuar, recently courted Cam'ron for their first interview together.

The majority of their chat consisted of Nardwuar showing Killa Cam various LPs of fellow Harlem rappers, and then asking for the rapper's opinions. This list featured works by Mase, Wreckx-n-Effect, Doug E Fresh and a personal favorite of Cam's, Kool G Rap. He recalled buying their cassette tapes back in 1987 when he was only 11-years old.

"[Kool G Rap] is one of my favorite artists ever," The "Hey Ma" rapper said. "He inspired me to rap because I used to -- I still got a lisp and he raps with a lisp."

When prompted by The Human Serviette, the Harlem native also admitted that he did not invent the Harlem catchphrases: "No Homo" and "Pause." These are just examples of slang he picked up while growing up in Harlemworld, USA. However, he does accept full credit for popularizing the phrases and even making them "global."

Cam also shared that when he auditioned for his infamous role in the Paid In Full movie, he brought a real gun with him to show the directors that he was authentic enough to play a gangster on the big screen. Nardwuar even tried to run lines from the flick with him, but he confessed that a lot of the lines were improvised because he thought a majority the original script was "wack" -- when it came his lines.

Killa says he is currently still searching for the audition tape to relive the moment.

Watch the full interview below: