Atlanta rapper Rocko fuels the fire to his on-going feud with his former music partner and longtime friend Future. Recently, the Gift Of Gab rapper filed a $10 million-dollar lawsuit against Future Hendrix for breach of contract after Future apparently disregarded their 2011 deal mandating the Freebandz Gang chief to release six albums on Rocko's label A1 Recordings, which didn't happen once Epic Records was named the primary distributor.

The A1 CEO feels like he was cheated out of 25 percent commission on advance money and 20 percent of Future's tour and endorsement earnings. Now, he's fighting to get back his cut. Upon learning about the suit, Future vented to Twitter in a series of sub-shots aimed at Rocko.

— FUTURE/FREEBANDZ (@1future) June 9, 2016

Rocko fired back with his own sub-shots on Twitter last week. Then he followed up with never-before-seen footage of Future Hendrix praising him in an interview.

"Me and Rock been working forever," Future says in the clip. "Like, it's been years and years. Even when he did 'Umma Do Me.' The whole time, before he did 'Umma Do Me,' I was always right there with him the studio. When he did his deal with L.A. [Reid] and I was right there with him going the office, going to the labels, walking through the label."

Future has yet to address the clip, but we'll keep you posted if he does. Watch the the clip below.