Jensen Walcott, 17, got hired at Pizza Studio in Kansas City, Kan., right after her friend, Jake Reed, 17, also landed the same job.

The teens were ecstatic to be working together, Reed had just been hired that day when Walcott was going in for an interview. The teen was awarded the position on the spot and immediately called Reed to announce the good news. Both are the same age, have the same amount of experience, and got hired for the same position. Walcott soon found out that she was being paid 25 cents less than her friend an hour.

Walcott surely thought there was a mistake and caller her boss.

"I was like maybe while I'm on hold right now, she'll just offer me $8.25 and everything's going to be good, but she didn't do that." said Walcott.

Her boss took her off hold and immediately fired her, stating that it was against company policy to discuss wages. The same boss then called Reed and fired him as well.

The National Labor Relations Board has stepped in to offer guidance. Attorney David White says that firing someone over asking about unequal wages is absolutely illegal. Walcott hasn't confirmed that she'll be pursuing the matter legally yet.

Reports say that the CEO of Pizza Studio made a statement about parting with that manager who wasn't acting in accordance with company policy. The teens were also offered their jobs back, but no word on if they accepted.