Thinking face emojis and detective caps are coming out the woodwork after Vic Mensa dropped a new freestyle with some possible jabs towards fellow Chicago native, Chance The Rapper.

Since dropping his new project, There's Alot Going On, the rapper has been out on the scene and opening up about fake friends, broken relationships and the political battle happening in his city. The friendship aspect has gained the most traction after he posted-and-deleted a photo of himself with Jay Z , Beyonce and a cropped out Chance.


Other members of the Save Money crew have shaken off rumors of any issues between the friends, but Mensa's latest freestyle is stirring the pot. Dropping some impressive bars on Schoolboy Q & Kanye West’s “That Part,” the rapper spits,"Why these n----s so fake? They so fake, So fake!....Beef I'll turn it into Burger King / Just have it your way...I might have to call Miss Info / Let her get a little info / About some n----s I used to be cool with."

Chance, who surprised fans during J.Cole's set at Bonnaroo on Friday (June 10,) seems unbothered by the speculation.

Since Mensa doesn't plan on saying any names, fans can only continue to wonder. Check out the freestyle below.