Ciara may have found her happily ever after with husband Russell Wilson, but that doesn't mean she doesn't have some unfinished business to tend to. The singer claims Future's defamatory attacks on social media cost her a $500,000 paycheck.

The "Body Party" singer initially filed a $15 million lawsuit against her ex in February for slander, and in support of her case, she's provided additional documents stating she lost a half a million dollar cosmetic deal because the "Codeine Crazy" rapper tarnished her name on the Internet, according to TMZ.

The issues date back to January 2016, when Future took shots at his ex, whom is the mother of their child, Future Zahir. "I been silent for a year & a half..I ran outta patience," he initially tweeted. "This b**** got control problems." The rapper also made claims he was unable to see his child. "I gotta go through lawyers to see babyfuture...the f***ery for 15k a month," he continued. The singer cited this incident as the cause of her failed deal, claiming his comments pegged her as "controlling, dishonest, malicious, unreasonable, evil, conniving," and a bad parent, according to the court documents .

In April 2016, Future filed a countersuit against the Jackie singer claiming the alleged slanderous comments did not affect her reputation because her following on social media was not large enough. However, Future later dropped the suit after Ciara granted him joint custody of their son.

In the past, Ciara has also claimed her ex is unfit to raise their son due to his codeine addiction, and stated he fears the rapper will kill her husband. Both arguments were dropped from their ongoing court battle. It's uncertain whether these new documents will be accepted by the courts or tossed away as well.