Surprise, surprise, Fetty Wap has just dropped a collaborative mixtape with upstart Philly artist PnB Rock. The tape, which is titled Money, Hoes, and Flows, features 12 tracks of pure auto-tuned goodness.

With no other features except for Fetty Wap’s partner-in-rhyme, Monty and PnB Rock’s homeboy from the Bronx, A Boogie wit da Hoodie, the two artists stick to their roots on this summer mixtape.

Although PnB and Fetty have teamed up in the past, they threw this mixtape out without any warning. The two artists never hinted at any full length project, but there isn't a single fan complaining now that they got handed one on a silver platter.

Money, Hoes, and Flows comes at a time where both artists are gearing up for the next steps in their careers. Fetty Wap is trying to build off of the hype that he's gotten from his most recent hit, “Wake Up," while also working hard on his sophomore album.

Listen to the new mixtape below: