Officer Nakia Jones of the Warrensville Heights Police Department in Ohio took to Facebook yesterday (July 6) to express her outrage after viewing the video of the death of Alton Sterling, a Baton Rouge man shot multiple times by two Louisiana officers late Tuesday Night (July 5).

As an African American officer, Jones says that after viewing the video multiple times she became furious and hurt.

"I'm looking at it and it tore me up because I got to see what you all see," Jones says. "If I wasn't a police officer and I wasn't on the inside I would be saying 'Look at this racist stuff. Look at this,' and it hurt me."

Jones says she became a police officer to make a difference in the lives of others. She says what hurts her the most is seeing racist officers who took the same oath as her to protect and serve predominately black communities failing to uphold that oath.

"If you're that officer, that knows good and well you've got a God complex, and you're afraid of people that don't look like you, you have no business in that uniform," Jones says. "Take it off."

Watch the full video below, via WEWS News: