A Newark, NJ mother is still mortified from the irresponsible actions of the local police department after officers chased her 10 year old son believing he was a wanted armed robber.

“When I think about my child staring at the end of a gun,” PaTisha Solomon, 30, told the Daily News. “One wrong move, and my child wouldn’t be here right now. My son could have tripped. He could have reached for a toy. They could have done anything to my son and it could have been his fault.”

According to Solomon, her son Legend Preston was playing basketball near a garage on Stuyvesant Avenue with some friends when he noticed a few officers staring at him. Scared, Legend ran.

“I was scared for my life,” Legend said. “I was thinking that they were going to shoot me.”

Thankfully, neighbors intervened and created a human wall between Legend and police. As they screamed "He's a boy!" Police countered with "He fits the description." The description Newark police referred to was that of 20-year-old Casey Joseph Robinson who from a mugshot also has dredlocks and facial hair, compared to Legend's tapered cut and bare face. Robinson was captured on the next block.

Solomon, fueled with anger, didn't waste too much time arguing with police. Instead prior to her cell phone dying captured her son's tears after the whole ordeal. She uploaded the video to Facebook, which has since gone viral.

“What option have they given me but to speak out,” Solomon questioned. “I didn’t ask for any of this. My prime concern is not an apology. My concern is reform of this system. I want to see accountability and responsibility.”