50 Cent has been in his fair share of beefs over the years, this time he took to Instagram to bash Power  executive producer and show creator, Courtney A. Kemp Sunday (August 7), for leaving him exposed during a sex scene without his approval.

Most of the Queens rapper's post on Instagram from last night are now deleted after seeing the scene. He did have this to say regarding the scene five days ago "I hope your edit of episode 4 is right because I had some crazy moments in it. She was like the ladies will love it. Oh my God, I will never sign a deal like this again. Smh #EFFENVODKA I need a drink."

Check out all of the screenshots in this tweet below.

Curtis did decide to leave two posts up regarding the scene last night.


Kemp responded to Fif on Instagram saying he signed off on the scene and was well aware of the "editing."



Does 50 really have a problem with the scene or is this a big marketing ploy for the show?