WWE holds a special place in the hearts of many people. The entertainment of pro wrestlers jumping off ropes -- not to mention -- hitting foes with chairs, fists, agile kicks and slamming bodies for sport remove fans from the everyday stress of life.

With that, Spanish Harlem rapper Bodega Bamz links with Emilio Sparks and John Sparkz, collectively known as The Sparks Foundation, to release a song and video treatment to their WWE-inspired track dubbed, "Bad Guy," to show just how special WrestleMania, Royal Rumble and Monday Night Raw are.

In the Angel "Oz" Navarro-directed visual, Bamz stands inside the wrestling ring decorated with the Puerto Rican and Dominican flags, along with the black and silver American flag. In between Bamz rapping for the camera flashes back to vintage clips of Hulk Hogan, Razor Ramon, and even Pamela Anderson's debut on WWF, among other WWE greats.

The song comes from The Sparkz Foundations forthcoming album, Parts Unknown, which is the follow-up the 2014 release Forever Madness: The Randy Savage EP. The project is also presented by Odd Sox.

Parts Unknown will hit the 'Net on Sept. 12 via Mass Appeal.

Watch the video above.