Since the police shooting of 18 year old Paul O'Neal, reports indicate that three of Chicago's prominent gang leaders allegedly met to plot an attack on the police department. According to the Chicago Sun Times, leaders from the Vice Lords, Black Disciples and Four Corner Hustlers all gathered to devise a plan for retaliation.

The meeting supposedly took place last Thursday and what is known is that the Four Corner Hustlers "supplied guns" and have a "sniper in place" though authorities don't know where. The Four Corner Hustlers also provided ammunition for the other two gangs to use in the alleged attack. An alert was issued to police the day after the alleged meeting.

On July 28, Paul O'Neal became the latest victim to be added to the on-going list of young black men killed by law enforcement. O'Neal was shot and killed by officers after allegedly crashing a stolen Jaguar into two police officers and then attempting to leave the scene. Cops pursued O'Neal claiming to have shot him at least five times believing he had a gun. According to video, at least 15 shots were fired and no gun was found on O'Neal.

Since O'Neal murder, the officers involved have been stripped of their duty. Yet, a Chicago police union official said O'Neal's family lawyer Michael Oppenheimer and Independent Police Review Authority head Sharon Fairley are to blame for the supposed gang threats.

"We had inflammatory and false rhetoric coming from (lawyer Michael Oppenheimer) and statements that weren't true," Dean Angelo, president of Lodge 7 of the Fraternal Order of Police, said to the Sun Times. "You also have a lead investigator in police-involved deaths talking about how shocking and disturbing this is."