It was just this July that the death of Alton Sterling triggered protests all over the nation, but especially in his hometown of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The protests drew hundreds of participants ending with almost 200 arrests. Among them was prominent Black Lives Matter activist, DeRay McKesson.

A multitude of the arrests made were caught on camera, McKesson's being caught live on Periscope which garnered a viral support campaign on social media. It appeared that protestors were being peaceful and were suddenly charged and handcuffed. McKesson, along with fellow protestors Kira Marrero and Gloria La Riva, are suing the city of Baton Rouge claiming that officers were overly aggressive and militant in their arrests. The officers were carrying machine guns, driving tanks and wearing riot gear. Journalists have confirmed that weapons were pointed at them and several peaceful protestors, as McKesson has cited in his lawsuit.

Although the city recently declared that many of the protestors would not be prosecuted, all of the plaintiffs in the lawsuit included, McKesson and his fellow protestors are pressing forward. The lawsuit is seeking damages for lawyer and administration fees, as well as for their arrest records to be expunged.