Ever wonder what Desiigner is saying in some of his hit songs? Of course you do.

Thanks to the great people at Genius, who were extremely helpful with clarifying the lyrics to Desiigner's turn up anthem "Panda," we now know the lyrics to his most recent song "Tiimmy Turner."

— Genius (@Genius) August 16, 2016

The site's first ever lyric video to the Brooklynite's Mike Dean-produced joint features the lyrics in flames, a metaphor for the "furnace" of Hell that Desiigner references in the song.

"I care about my lyrics," Desiigner told the annotation site. "I have my own way of saying things -- I call it new English. When it came time to do the ‘Tiimmy Turner’ lyric video, I knew Genius would help me bring the words to life.”

Good lookin' out. Rap along to "Tiimmy Turner" below, because now we all can with ease.