Young aspiring makeup artist Gisela Villa decided to practice her artistry on her father, but unsurprisingly, when the Internet got a hold of her experimentation, naysayers had a lot to say.

Many went onto to question and challenge Villa’s dad’s masculinity. “Your dad just lost his masculinity for this,” one commenter stated. “Makeup shouldn’t be for guys. What has this world come to? I’ve never liked to bring attention to negativity, but this isn’t right,” another added.

This just further proves how fragile masculinity really is. Yes, it’s true that Latino culture is infamous for its machismo attitudes, but makeup use is universal. It really doesn’t matter if you’re a woman or a man. And in the world we’re living in, we must acknowledge that gender and its ascribed characteristics no longer exist. Therefore, makeup is for everyone: gender non-conforming individuals, gay, bi, lesbian, transgender, straight, and cis-gender people. And even your own dad, as well, if he wants to wear some.

“I always wondered what he’d look like if he had makeup on because he has a big mustache,” Villa told mitú, about her father. “So I always thought to myself, ‘It’d be really funny if I did my makeup on him,’ but I never mentioned it to him.” The 17-year-old Mexicana has been practicing her makeup skills from watching YouTube videos for the last two years. So one day, suddenly she decided to enlist her father as her muse.

“I was super bored at home, about to cook dinner and I kind of just remembered I wanted to do my dad’s makeup. He had just gotten home from work and I asked him. He just looked at me without saying anything and I was SO EXCITED," she said.

Soon after, she took over and finished her complete femme masterpiece in 40 minutes.

“He was aware of what I was going to do because he had seen it on me so many times… Until I put fake eyelashes on him, he was like ‘I can’t open my eyes!’ He probably thought I wasn’t going to go that far, but I did,” she continued.

“Once I was done, he went to show my mom and said, ‘Look at me, do I look beautiful now?’ My mom laughed, then he asked, ‘Can you give me a kiss?’ She said, ‘No! You’re wearing lipstick!’ She laughed because she was so surprised.”

Amid the distaste, there were still commenters who offered something a lot more positive.

“If a guy wants to wear makeup, he should be able to wear makeup as much as any girl. Makeup comes off. There’s no rules to makeup,” Villa concluded.