Sevyn Streeter is "flirting with disaster," and it's definitely working for her. Fresh off the release of her latest single, "Prolly" featuring Gucci Mane, the singer-songwriter dropped the sexy visuals for the single.

In the video, Sevyn experiments with cockiness and maturity. And the static lighting and junkyard scenery adds to this sort of out-of-body experience. Gucci Mane, fresh out the feds, also makes an appearance in the visual with his trap flow complimenting the outlaw theme.

"Prolly" is coming from the singer's long-awaited album, GIRL INTERRUPTED, which boasts features from Ty Dolla $ign, The Dream, among many others. Sevyn talked with VIBE briefly about her new video and forthcoming album.

Check out Sevyn's video for "Prolly" and her Q&A below.

VIBE: Can you talk about the creative direction for the "Prolly" video? 

Sevyn Streeter: When I wrote ["Prolly"], I felt very empowered and unapologetically me.  I wanted the video to be strong and to have a 'here I am' type of feel. [Creative director, Mike Hol] is so great. We worked together a few times before, but he nailed the treatment on the head and brought that feeling to life. We shot it at a paint ball range, and I remember walking out there and being blown away at the location that he found.

How was it working with Gucci? 

Man, working with Gucci is amazing. I didn't have the pleasure of being in the studio with him when he cut it. But not too long after he got out, we sent him the record. And I'm so appreciative because a lot of the times when you want a certain artist to get on your song, you never know if they're going to want to do it. But the fact that he had just got out of jail and he agreed to do it, and he didn't just throw anything on there, he really killed that verse. I was so happy with it. Plus I'm from Florida, so we love Gucci from where I'm from.

This single is coming off your album, GIRL INTERRUPTED. Is this sense of empowerment and self-confidence a central theme throughout the album? 

Yeah, it plays a major part of it. It's a huge part in standing strongly in who you are. "Prolly" is a reflection of that. But for me, it represents growth. It represents confidence, and being good with who I am and where I am. I owe that all to the fact that life and time will teach you a couple lessons, whether you want to learn them or not. And with that, I say life, it really knocked the rose-colored glasses off of my face. In a lot of ways, I was viewing things and approaching things in a girlish manner - being a little naive, a little green, whether it came to relationships, friendships, or business relationships. And with time, [I was] forced to view life in a more realistic way, which I think is a really awesome thing. I wouldn't have written it any other way.