Beyoncé and Jay Z may be revered as the the most hard working, creative masterminds both musically and entrepreneurially, but according to Vic Mensa, they haven't allowed the fame from all of their endeavors get to their head.

In an interview with Rap-Up, the Chi-town native shared his thoughts on the success of Jay and Bey. "That’s something I find as I meet more people in this industry: some of the top dogs are the kindest and in a sense most humble," Mensa said. "A lot of people feel themselves when they don’t really have a right to. Hov and Beyoncé are people that I’ve seen, on mad occasions, just be real cool to people that they don’t know. Beyoncé has that queen personality where she makes people feel comfortable. Well, I mean, she probably makes people feel mad uncomfortable because they’re super fans, but she’s super cool to people that I’ve seen her interact with and she always has been really nice to me."

Vic Mensa looks up to the twosome for their talents and being all around really good, smart people. They have taken Mensa under their wings, like a mentor, and the couple has formed a tight bond with the Chicago rapper ever since. Therefore, it's only right he got a chance to sample what Hov's been working on.

Mensa couldn't say much, but he praised the Roc Nation owner for the heat he's been producing in the studio. We're not sure whether he's working on releasing a complete project or dropping off a few singles, but Mensa told the site he's heard a little bit of Hov's new music, and the content is "fresh as f**k."

MAIN IMAGE CREDIT: Instagram/kodaklens