Legendary Atlanta producer and longtime Gucci Mane producer Zaytoven recently stopped by the VIBE office for a sit-down on Facebook Live.

Along with a producer he has taken under his wing, Cassius Jay, Zay opened up about Gucci Mane’s new found sobriety and working on the Trap God's post prison album, Everybody Lookin.

The OG says he has learned to embrace the “Trap” producer label, and says he’s learned to take it all in stride.

“At one point in time I did, especially after I did Usher. I wanted to show these folks I’m bigger than that. I can show these folks I can do more than just the ‘trap,' Zay says. "But what I realized is the trap is what they really recognize me for -- that’s what they want to hear.”

“And what I learned is every other genre of music is coming to the trap, they want a piece of the trap music. So I’mma stick to this and own it,” he continued.

Zay goes on to talk about him and Cassius Jay’s upcoming “Trap Jazz” album, mimics of his style, and his book “A to Zay." He also drove home a strong point by explaining how Gucci's newfound soberity has been his biggest blessing.