Colin Kaepernick remains in the news, but this time for what he wore south of his ankles. The 28-year-old quarterback merited the ire of the Internet (again) because of the socks he wore, which many believed to be anti-police.

Kaepernick quickly took to social media to defend his actions and clarify the pigs on his socks represent the rogue officers who don't uphold the law, while making it difficult for the good ones who do.

Kaepernick's socks, along with him not standing during the Star Spangled Banner at last week's game against the Green Bay Packers, merited an opinion from just about everyone. His birth mother, Heidi Russo scolded Kaepernick online. Legendary 49ers wide receiver Jerry Rice said he respected Kaepernick's stance but believed he wasn't showing respect to the flag, and former San Diego Charger safety Rodney Harrison said Kaepernick wasn't really black, so he couldn't understand the plight of black men. He later apologized stating he didn't know Kaepernick was mixed-race.

However, many of Kaepernick's supporters continued to back him in his non-violent protests.

MAIN IMAGE CREDIT: Associated Press