Right after DJ Esco and Future dropped their conceptual video, “Benjamins”, the pair comes back around with their next monthly visual, “Married To The Game”. This is the third video from their joint tape, Project E.T. (Esco Terrestrial) -- and once again gives fans a behind the scenes look into their lives.

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The "Married To The Game" video goes in depth on how Esco moves, along with footage from Drake’s Summer Sixteen tour, and a variety of concert footage between 2012 and 2016. It opens up with the fellas and an engineer talking about their experiences while traveling across many different countries and about the incident where Esco was locked up in Dubai a few years back. Throughout the video, we also get a deeper sense of the friendship between Esco-Mo-City and Fewch, which provides a solid picture of how and why their chemistry shines so bright.

The seven minute visual for “Married To The Game” doubles as both a video for their latest single and a sneak preview of Esco’s upcoming documentary of the same title, which will be coming soon.

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