During the second night of his Miami 'Saint Pablo' tour, Kanye West stopped and made one fan's life after noticing her "Runaway" tattoo and t-shirt honoring the late Donda West. Yeezy put the concert on hold and said, "The girl with the 'In loving memory of' and the 'Runaway' tattoo, you literally brought tears to my eyes." Later asking her "Sweetheart, what's your name?"

The crowd shouted "Krystal" repeatedly at the Chicago rapper, once he realized what they were saying, Ye' fused the young lady's name into the chorus of "Runaway," humming it peacefully in sync to the tune.

— Chris Allmeid (@Chrisallmeid) September 18, 2016

Check out a close-up of what the tattoo looks like below.

Krystal took to Twitter to pour out her emotions.

What a moment to have captured that I'm sure Krystal will remember forever. It's dope to see heartwarming stories about Yeezy connecting with his diehard fan base on tour.