If you fancy yourself a fan of the Starz original drama Power, than you also must keep your blood pressure medicine nearby, as the show's executive producer Courtney A. Kemp and the writers don't mince feelings, which may or may not result in an unexpected trip to the ER, but also makes for damn good television. To recap the explosive season take a trip down memory lane, and do mind the blood and bullet casings.

-Hugo killed Bell

-Holly hires the Jamaicans to kill Ghost.

-"Dean" kills the Jamaicans.

-Tommy and Ghost kill Lobos.

-Ghost breaks up with Angela

-Ghost learns Dean is Milan, the cannibal eating drug lord he stole from and now must move his product.

-Kanan uses Dre to lure Tariq.

-Jukebox, Kanan's not so law abiding cousin, proves to be more terrifying than any late Sallie Mae payment

-No one knows Mike is the mole

-And LaKeisha still hasn't shown up for work.

In the season three finale, Ghost and Tommy work together to get from under Milan, and hopefully get what they both want, but just as quickly as Ghost earns his freedom, he looses it in the next breath. Check out the 16 best lines from the season three episode 10 of Power "In My Best Interests"

1 "You seen enough? I think I gotta start cleaning up your sh*t show."

Agent Knox gets the call Ruiz has been killed and rushes over to where his body has been found. As he arrives at the scene, Knox searches Ruiz for the recording device disguised as a button he planted on him.

2 "I'll protect you because it's in my own best interest. You can trust that." Angela

As Ghost watches the police carry Ruiz's body on a stretcher, he calls Angela and asks if an indictment will be handed down for him or Tommy. Angela assures Ghost she'll protect him because protecting him, keeps her safe.

3 "You know how I feel about you trusting AUSA Valdes." Proctor

Ghost tells Proctor Ruiz might have incriminated him and Tommy on a tape that's now in Agent Knox's possession. Proctor doesn't sugar coat anything and tells Ghost if his name is indeed on that tape he can got to jail. Ghost informs Proctor Angela promised she would protect him, but Proctor isn't so trusting of AUSA Valdes.

4 "Found him in a stolen car in Long Island City. No witnesses. No evidence. No nothing." Saxe.

Angela and Saxe are in the break room when Saxe tells Angela Ruiz is dead and his body was found. Prior to her conversation with Ghost that morning, Angela thought Ruiz wasn't a factor in the Lobos case. Now knowing he's dead, she wonders if Ghost had a hand in his murder.

5 "When the time comes for Ghost to die, I want you to pull the trigger, Tommy." Milan

Milan has taken a liking to Tommy and views him as a potential successor. However, he's holding off on killing Ghost until his deal with Karen Bassett is finalized. Once the deal is finalized, Milan wants a bullet in Ghost's head, and wants Tommy to be the one to do it.

6 "Of course we do, but when we do it's to stop a terrorist from blowing up the Central Park zoo."

Knox takes the Ruiz recording to his mentor over at Homeland Security and while in his living room, his mentor is upset with him for not going through proper channels to ensure the safety of his informant. Knox asks if Homeland Security doesn't sometimes break the rules, his mentor says yes, but it's normally to catch someone more dangerous than a drug dealer.

7 "Greg are you here? How did it go with, MJ? I called you, you didn't pick up." Angela

After speaking with Proctor, Ghost sneaks inside Knox's apartment in hopes to find the recording that can keep him and Tommy out of prison. During his search, Angela--who already has a key to the apartment-- comes by looking for Knox. Ghost hides behind the bathroom door and once she leaves climbs through the window, unfortunately leaving his prints.

8 "You said you had a piece of evidence? We can use it. I can get around the admissibility problem. Whatever it is, we can make it work." Mike Sandoval

Knox invites Mike to his apartment to tell him he knows, but can't prove, that Angela is the leak. Yet, while speaking to Sandoval in his living room, he receives a call that confirms Mike as the mole. After divulging his evidence, Mike tries to persuade him to incriminate Angela to nail St. Patrick and Egan, but Knox--despite his disdain towards Angela--isn't willing to let her go to jail for a crime she didn't commit. Sandoval knows Knox is going to turn him in, and he kills him. He then plants the burner phone in his home making him look like the leak.

9 "Nah, it's all good. You just ain't ready." Kanan 

With Tasha and Ghost preoccupied, they still aren't aware Kanan is alive or that Kanan is hanging out with Tariq. Special K tests his protege by telling him to deliver a package to Ray-Ray. Tariq, not knowing any better, asks what's inside and Kanan get's upset, and snatches the brown paper bag from 'Riq. The reverse psychology works and now makes Tariq even more inclined to prove he can do what Kanan wants.

10 "I got a plan that'll make both of us rich and happy. But I gotta trust you and you gotta trust me. You down?" Tommy

Tommy senses Petrov doesn't like that he's now receiving all the attention from Milan and approaches him about a plan that could set things straight, but they must trust one another. Petrov agrees proving there's no loyalty among thieves and murderers.

11 "Where'd you get these? These babies will put you in juvenile detention until your 18th birthday." Jukebox

After Tariq delivers the package to Ray Ray, it turns out Ray Ray is actually an undercover officer who puts him in handcuffs and inside the back of a police squad car that's being driven by Jukebox. Jukebox tries to press Tariq and tells him if he doesn't snitch on whoever gave him the package, he's going to Juvie. Tariq keeps his mouth shut only to learn it was a test the entire time.

12 "Nah we ain't got a front door. We have an elevator." Tariq

Tariq still hasn't caught on that Kanan is using him. As they all sit inside his apartment, Jukebox casually inquires just how much money his family is worth. Someone makes a joke Tariq is so rich they must have doorman, Tariq not understanding the context of the question, reveals they don't have a front door but an elevator.

13 "We got a lot of rich white people in here not afraid to call 911, so don't get jumpy." Dre

Ghost puts his plan to take down Milan in motion, and has Dre round up his boys from 'round the way. Before entering the club, Dre tells them this isn't a hood spot and they're plan has to go off seamlessly.

14 "Did you tell Ghost we are still going to sell drugs in his club?" Petrov

Tommy and Ghost pump three bullets into Milan's head, making Tommy the new connect, and Ghost can finally leave the drug world behind him and focus on his life as a premiere club owner. They part ways with Ghost not knowing Tommy still plans to sell Milan's product inside his clubs.

15 "If you want him back, you're gonna have to pay." Kanan

After Tasha does her part to help Ghost rid himself of Milan, she returns home to learn Tariq isn't there and has been hanging out with friends of Dre and Shawn. Tasha doesn't suspect Kanan but does suspect something bad has happened. She send Tariq a text and shortly after receives a photo of Tariq hunched over with the terrifying ransom text message.

16 "Angie, I can't believe you're doing this to me." Ghost

Ghost thinks the worst is behind him and spots Angela as she enters the club. Unfortunately, when Ghost was climbing out of Knox's apartment he left his fingerprints on the window, which now ties him to the death of a federal agent. Angela, his one time love, arrives at Truth, just as Ghost signs the deal with Karen Basset, and places him in handcuffs and charges him with the murder of Special Agent Gregory Knox.