After making fans wait two weeks, Power returns offering the same high-blood pressure and heart palpitations audiences have grown to know, love and accept. In Season Three episode nine "I Call The Shots" viewers see a part of Ghost's plan unfold, proving Mr. St. Patrick is smarter than your average bear. However, he underestimates how much he can trust his estranged wife after a night of passion, which leads to the death of his only escape.

Kanan continues to be a bad influence to Tariq, while Knox's unrelenting drive to nab Ghost and Tommy bring him face-to-face with the real Lobos leak. Courtney A. Kemp is setting up fans for an explosive season finale. Check out the best lines from episode nine "I Call The Shots"

1 "So you talking to Ruiz now, but you can't pick up the phone for me? I hit you last night." Ghost

As Ghost waits for Tommy to finish texting, he questions why Tommy didn't answer the phone when he called, which further cements his suspicion Tommy and Milan have something brewing he doesn't know about.

2 "This is Thomas, my apprentice." Milan

Tommy tells Ghost he went to Milan's warehouse to view the product, when in all actuality Milan introduced Tommy to his henchmen as his student and potential successor.

3 "We need to meet." Angela

Angela combs through the burner phone Ghost gave her and texts the last outgoing number. When Mike dials the number and before either one of them could say anything, a helicopter flies over their building. They both hear it on the opposite end, which means Angela knows the leak is still in the building and Mike now has to figure out who has Hugo's phone.

4 "Hey it's me, just checking on ya. Call me later?" Tasha

As Tasha assists with the last minute preparations for career day at Tariq and Raina's school, she gets a call from the salon. One of the stylists tells her Keisha didn't show up for her shift. Tasha becomes a bit alarmed and texts her but receives no text back.

5 "I'm your friend first." Dre.

Dre goes by the St. Patrick household to ask Tariq where he was the night before. Tariq thanks Dre for covering for him and says he hung out with Slim. Dre, realizing that Slim (AKA Kanan) is up to no good, warns Tariq to not be so trusting of his new friend.

6 "Juries don't need proof, they need a good story." Angela 

Angela meets Ghost and asks who he told about Lobos. Ghost informs her he told Proctor, which legally means he can't say anything. Ghost tries to comfort Angela, but Angela, being an attorney herself, realizes juries aren't concerned with the truth as much as they are the story.

7 "I didn't want to believe the St. Patrick alibi, but I can't ignore surveillance tape. Facts are facts." Knox

Knox continues to play the fool while he cozies up to Angela. He tried to ease her fears by telling her he believes that Ghost wasn't involved in the Lobos escape or murder, only to later go searching through her purse to locate the burner phone.

8 "Maybe you are right, but either way from this point forward I am holding you responsible for his actions." Milan

Milan has eyes everywhere and was notified Ghost followed Tommy back to his warehouse. Tommy tells Milan Ghost is just worried about his safety. Milan gives him the benefit of the doubt, but warns him if Ghost continues, he will be killed.

9 "I chose you over Holly. This time mother f*cker you need to choose me." Tommy

Tommy tells Ghost Milan knows he followed him back to the warehouse, and Milan made it clear if Ghost doesn't back off, he'll order his men to kill him. Tommy takes the threat seriously and reminds Ghost that he killed Holly for him, so if their friendship means anything, he'll take heed to Milan's orders.

10 "You ain't go no options, Dre. You made a choice, me!" Kanan

Dre approaches Kanan on his dealing with Tariq, and from his body language Kanan infers he's toying with the idea of telling Ghost he's alive and Tariq maybe in danger. However, Kanan reminds him of the choice he made and how that choice will backfire not on Special K, but on himself.

11 "Dre told you not to hang out with me, but Dre be talking out of both sides of his mouth." Kanan

Kanan continues to sink his claws into Tariq, and this time takes him to a sneaker store. While he doesn't outright tell 'Riq to steal a pair of $250 Jordans, he plants the seed in the naive boy's head, who devises a clever plan to boost a pair of Js for himself.

12 "NYPD! Andy Jones Albert Tatum? We have a warrant to search the premises." 

Upon learning his competitors swooped in and landed the Bassett deal, Ghost planted Milan's product in their club and tipped off the police to swarm the premises, putting Ghost back in position to work with Karen and Horacio Bassett.

13 "What are the kids gonna think when they see you sleeping in my bed. It ain't us getting back together, is it?" Tasha

While at the house, Ghost and Tasha reflect on Ghost's speech during career day in which he admits his ambitions have taken him away from his family. The two then kiss, which leads to an unexpected night of passion. Tasha tells Ghost it's best he leaves before the kids wake up and confuse them.

14 "You're going to regret this," Ruiz

Tasha foolishly tells Tommy of the plan Ghost has in motion involving Ruiz. After the meeting with Milan, Tommy drives Ruiz home and pulls over pretending to have car trouble, only to then stab him to death.