There are many iconic images of the late music icon and activist, Tupac Shakur, that have been used in the variety of media.

But one of his most well known photograph was originally featured in a 1993 Rolling Stone magazine issue. It eventually became the cover of his 2001 posthumous album Until The End of Time. The photographer, Danny Clinch, has now decided to share that story of how the photo came to be in an interview with Time Magazine.

Clinch, who has photographed the likes of the Beastie Boys, Nas, and many others, tells Time the story of how he met 2Pac and how professional he was throughout the shoot.

“He showed up and he was very professional and he was very interested and excited to be photographed by Rolling Stone, and we kind of hit it off right away,” said Clinch.

“I was thinking to myself, ‘Oh man, if this guy ever blew up, I would have this great photograph,” he continued. “What if this record is so well received that it could end up on the cover of [the magazine]?”

20 years later, this classic photo still resonates with fans across the world.