Veteranas and Rucas is an Instagram account dedicated to the SoCal '90s party crew scene, which Guadalupe Rosales—New York-based, Los Angeles-raised—fanatically documents as part of her Map Pointz archive.

Apart from reconnecting to a past she misses dearly, Rosales' Instagram brainchild acts as a political manifesto of sorts. “Most of us have been criminalized and misrepresented in the past. For that, it is difficult to be proud of our upbringings, our histories and our daily life experiences,” she told Latina. “Veteranas and Rucas creates an opportunity to reframe and represent ourselves the way we want to be represented, and it creates a voice many of us can relate to.”

The account is a hodgepodge of photo submissions from many of the 83.8K followers it's garnered, and their crews from the ‘90s and earlier. Take a gander at these vintage bad boys and get inspired.

* * *

MAIN IMAGE CREDIT: Instagram / @veteranas_and_rucas