What do you do when you’re an FBI agent and a judge is attempting to bribe you with beer to keep tabs on his possibly adulterous wife? Set him up to be arrested… and then keep the beer.

According to reports, Judge Arnold Ogden Jones II was under the influence that his wife was texting another man. But, this wasn’t enough to just ask his wife about her supposed infidelity, he needed concrete evidence. So, he put his career at risk and approached Agent Matthew Miller of the Federal Bureau of Investigation asking him to “see what [he] can do without drawing attention,” prompting the agent to recover her text transcripts. Insecure much?

But, when Miller and Jones met up for the inglorious exchange, the judge was arrested at his home in North Carolina.

The law states that: “No person holding a [position] of public trust in our legal system is permitted to subvert that system for his own personal objectives.” Which is completely understandable considering, taxpayers, don’t expect their hard-earned incomes to fund a judge’s spousal detective escapades.

Following a five-day trial, it only took a jury thirty minutes to decide that Judge Jones was guilty. One can only imagine how swift his sentencing hearing will be on January 23.

The judge went to Facebook to rally people for their prayers through this trying time he’s going through… and with facing thirty-seven years in prison, Lord knows he’ll need it.