U.S. District Judge Michael W. Fitzgerald denied motions from Derrick Rose's attorneys after they filed for a mistrial and dismissal of the case due to text messages the accuser failed to turn over as evidence, the Los Angeles Times reports. The messages were withheld from the jury with the thought they may help strengthen Rose's defense case.

The judge will deliberate with the jury to let them know about the accuser's failure to turn over evidence, and granted more time to Rose's team to question 'Jane Doe' under oath. A mistrial would have delayed the case to be retried during the middle of the NBA season, which would have been another task for the New York Knicks point guard.

Things got even more mysterious surrounding the case for the 28-year-old, as the lead LAPD detective investigating the criminal side of the case was found dead Tuesday (Oct. 11), in a Whittier, Calif., home. The body was identified as 44-year-old Nadine Hernandez, and it's not yet known if the one shot bullet wound will be deemed a homicide or if it was self-inflicted, according to the Los Angeles Times.

The NBA season is steadily approaching for the former Chicago Bull. The Knicks season kicks off in Cleveland, taking on the defending champion Cavaliers on Oct. 25.