Last Friday (Oct. 30) Selena Quintanilla had legion of faithful followers folding over in emotions, and it wasn't because of her music. In an era where a new wave of millennial celebrities control the popular culture, Selena continues to show her dominance even in her absence.

MAC cosmetics launches a collaborative collection in honor of the late and great Tejano legend. The collection included five shades of eye shadow, three shades of lipstick liquid eyeliner and mascara, among other products, which were officially released at a MAC in-store launch party in the singer's native Corpus Christi, Texas on Thursday (Oct. 29). They were available online the following day.

As expected, these products sold out online almost instantly and those who weren’t lucky enough took to social media to express their dismay.

MAC issued a statement on their website noting that, “Due to the passion and overwhelming excitement from Selena’s fans,” the product was sold out online—but there was still a chance of picking up the product at local retailers listed on the site on Oct. 3.

There's more: for all anxious on getting your hands on the iconic singer's make-up, #MACSelena will be available wherever MAC products are sold, Thursday (Oct. 6).