When life hands you lemons, you participate in viral video challenges to make yourself feel better. This is where the uber-popular Mannequin Challenge comes into play.

The viral video sensation portrays civilians pausing in often-hilarious scenarios, and during the Cleveland Cavaliers' visit to The White House on Thursday (Nov. 10), they got in on the fun with none other than the First Lady herself, Michelle Obama.

The 2016 NBA Champions participated in not one, but two videos, both of which included Mrs. Obama. In one of them, a few participants can't seem to keep still, but in another video posted, everyone was on point. This was hopefully something that could ease the tension in the White House, even for just a bit.

The Cavs and FLOTUS wouldn't be the first high-profile figures to get in on the craze that's sweeping the 'Net. Blac Chyna and company shot their own video while she was in labor with her newborn daughter, and the OG member of The Beatles Paul McCartney recorded his rendition using the unofficial track of the challenge, Rae Sremmurd's "Black Beatles."