The Mannequin Challenge is the newest trend taking over the Internet that demonstrates just how creative (or bored) people really are. Celebrities and fans alike are all showing just how still they can be while mimicking some of life's most common acts.

The latest participants in the "stay as still as humanly possible while we film you for 60 seconds" challenge are Beyonce, Kelly and Michelle of Destiny's Child. In a video posted to Kelly's Instagram page Monday (Nov. 7) our favorite trio get together to have a little fun.

While Michelle throws a beach ball to Beyonce, Kelly's off to the side plotting to knock it from Bey's hands with a styrofoam bat. The look of deceit is in her eyes as she plots to foil Kelly and Beyonce's fun. (Totally kidding)

Fans have been begging and pleading with the group to reunite for old time sake and create a record together. While Beyonce brought Kelly and Michelle to perform alongside her during her 2013 SuperBowl halftime performance, the trio re-connected again on Michelle's "Say Yes."

Every little morsel fans get we love, so yes, we're thankful for this Mannequin challenge, but can we get a "Get Back In The Studio And Record New Music" challenge? We're asking for a friend.