Nobody will let the Golden State Warriors forget that they were the first team to blow a 3-1 lead to the Cavaliers in the NBA Finals this past June. That is something that should never happen, especially when you won the most games in regular season history coming into the series. Steph Curry even said, "I still haven’t gotten over Game 7. That’s something that will stay with me pretty much forever." when speaking to the USA Today  during the summer.

Draymond Green joined The Vertical Podcast with Adrian Wojnarowksi to talk a multitude of topics, from college sports to the sting that the Game 7 defeat left, and how he quickly got over it, when Durant decided to leave the Thunder and sign with the Golden State Warriors in early July. Check out his full response below.

You’ll always think about, 'Man, we blew an opportunity.' It ate away at me for a little while, and then I think on July 4th—or was it July 3rd?—whatever day it was, the 3rd or the 4th, I was like, 'Man, this sucks,' " 26-year-old Green said. "And then I got a call from [Kevin Durant’s business partner] Charlie Bell saying, 'Hey man, let’s go win some championships.' And I said, 'Oh, alright, well, there goes those feelings!' We got Kevin Durant out this deal. I’ll be just fine.So you know, it ate away at me until about then—and then it was like a silver lining."

If the Warriors did happen to beat the Cavs in June, does Durant still take his talents to the Bay area? One can wonder, but Green and the Dubs will take KD as a consolation prize. Golden State has been rolling thus far into the early parts of the season, posting a 12-2 record, while riding an 8 game winning streak.