John Legend urges us to “Live now. Give now. Love Now,” in the new video for his single from his upcoming album, Darkness And Light, due Dec. 3. Model, author, as well as his wife, Chrissy Teigen joins him in intimate, smitten scenes evocative of the images in “All Of Me.” But this time, they're accompanied by the happiest addition to their family, newborn daughter, Luna.

Taking a humanitarian approach to the video, directed by Nabil Elderkin, Legend highlights loving someone in the midst of tragedy, focusing on four areas in the world enduring tragedy at the moment, or recent past. The track’s message paired with the four incidences, seek to provide solace to those who might’ve lost loved ones in these unfortunate times. On the other end, the video depicts the story of those who still physically have their loved ones, and that no matter what tomorrow may bring or what the current state may present, if you love someone, you have to love them “like it's all [you] have.”


The first couple is placed in Domiz, a Syrian refugee camp in northern Iraq. Despite living the Syrian Civil War as their reality--faced with threat of hunger and lack of sanitation and water--the couple continues to love each other in the now, displaying hope for their love and the future by getting married.


Another couple highlights the unfortunate events of the Pulse Nightclub shooting in Orlando, Fla., this past June. Even though the Supreme Court ruled same-sex marriage legal nationwide, these events prove that acceptance of the union across our 50 states lags behind the legislation that backs it. The two men continue to celebrate their love in the present because they--as well as anyone else--can never anticipate what the next hour, minute or second may bring.


The next couple highlighted, assumedly represents a pair involved in the crashing of a plane headed in the direction of Puerto Plata. Just four miles away from their destination, the plane lost connection with the control center. While the cause of the accident was unknown, the Dominican Air Force did find remains of the aircraft. This couple continues to live in the moment despite the tragedy that surrounds them.


The final couple is placed in Standing Rock. Despite the news of a pipeline threatening their drinking water and disrupt sites of historical significance--including burial grounds, the couple experiences tranquility surrounded by the beauty of their land, completely enraptured by each other.

The final situation, if you choose to include it, is John Legend and his family. Despite the upsetting election results and expected state of our nation from inauguration and beyond, the Legends continue to "live now" by recognizing the state of the world, "give now" through the form of art with the Love In The Future artist's song and video, and "love now’" sharing their love for one another, despite the world around us.

Check out the video above.