Like many of you, the VIBE staff is having a tough time processing the results of the 2016 presidential election. One of the few things that consistently brings us comfort, though, is music.

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Whether it be the words of Kendrick Lamar or the soothing voice of Frank Ocean, we need tunes to help us remain optimistic in these turbulent times. Two of VIBE's 90s-babies put together a collection of rap songs that helped ease their minds -- post election.

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Kanye West "Who Will Survive In America"
Yeezy ended My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy with an ode to the late Gil Scott-Heron. Foreshadowing the bleak outlook for the future of America, he uncovered a potential issues that we see today.

Kendrick Lamar "Alright"
By putting his faith in God, Kendrick Lamar is able to look past the struggles and push forward by spreading awareness. The track became an anthem for many social movements this year. "Alright' gives us hope for a brighter future.

Raz Fresco "4daGods"
The lyrical message behind this song is about having knowledge of self -- and knowledge of America's dark side. Raz's powwerful song has countless gems about social issues that minorities face in this country. At the same time, he informs us about the things he need for change.

Lost Boyz “Channel Zero
On the Lost Boyz classic, Mr. Cheeks raps about how hard it is survive in the ghetto while living in a racist white world. Cheeks also dissed Mark “Marky Mark” Wahlberg, highlighting how actor is a white rapper who steals black culture without having to deal with the hardships that come along with it. Though it was released in the 90s, it still addresses many issues that plague our world; police brutality and systematic racism are just two.

Meek Mill "Shine"
Meek doesn't always say the right thing, but his heart in the right place. Regardless of what goes on in the world, we as a people have to keep moving and improving. We cannot let this election take us away from our journeys.

Kanye West & Jay-Z Feat. Frank Ocean "Made In America"
The "Throne" preaches about persevering through adversity in a contemporary "Black America."