It's a good day for weed smokers around the nation today (Nov. 9). Voters in California, Massachusetts, and Nevada have approved the use of recreational marijuana, CNN reports.

On Election Day (Nov. 8), five states including Maine and Arizona, were asked if weed should be legalized and three out of the five have already said yes. Four other states were asked to vote on whether marijuana should be allowed for medicinal uses only, and so far Florida and North Dakota have said yes as well.

Cali, Massachusetts, and Nevada will join D.C., Colorado, and Washington state on the movement to legalize the number one illicit drug of choice. Voters in Oregon and Alaska also approved recreational use in 2014, and medical marijuana has been made legal in half of the  Unites States.

But the major win in California could have the biggest impact on the national issue, according to CNN. The major "yes" on new law will mean changes in the economy as well as the current issue of mass incarceration. Pusha T previously released a PSA discussing the importance of legalizing marijuana, saying that the approval of Proposition 64 could be the largest factor in ending mass incarceration and creating new tax methods. Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa also took to social media to celebrate at least one win of Election Night.