V Magazine previewed a special issue for November which commemorates trendsetters in pop culture who are “carrying it to the future.” The upcoming release would features a story on the arguably the most spoken about Atlanta based rapper in the game, Young Thug and covers his transition into “Jeffrey.”

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Thug’s album titled Jeffrey features tracks named after individuals he is directly inspired by like “Kanye West," "RiRi," and "Wyclef Jean” just to name a few. The album’s cover art received a lot of backlash when Thug was seen posing in a dress designed by a well known Italian designer. Thug stated that his overall message in choosing to wear that for the cover art was not only because it reminded him of Mortal Combat but also he wishes people would “Stop believing in genders.”

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The late great Prince is also a prime example of an artist who knows no boundaries. But Prince was a pop singer and Young is a rapper -- and in the hip-hop community there has always been a stigma around men who choose to break new ground.

To get more insight on how Thug is breaking barriers in music fans will have to purchase the upcoming issue from V Magazine, which is now available for pre order.

Young Thug is also releasing a new album by the end of this year.