Another game, another flagrant foul for the Golden State Warriors' Draymond Green.

During Thursday night's (Dec. 1) double overtime game against the Houston Rockets (in which the Warriors lost 132-127), the power forward received a flagrant 1 foul after going for a layup in the last two-minutes of the second overtime.

His right leg sprung up as he jumped, and as he came down, he kicked Rockets' point guard James Harden right in the face. Harden fell to the floor holding his face, and a flagrant 1 foul was given to Green.

"I'm under the impression that, if you're hit in the head, incidental contact, I think that's a flagrant foul, if I’m not mistaken, in the rule book," said Green in a post-game interview about the call.

Green is no stranger to getting fouls during games. He was suspended from Game 5 of the NBA Finals this year against the Cleveland Cavaliers thanks to accruing four flagrant fouls. He got in LeBron James' face after James stepped over him when he fell during a play. He appeared to have hit James in the groin with his hand. Earlier in the year, he received a flagrant 2 foul after kicking Steven Adams of the Oklahoma City Thunder right where the sun doesn't shine, and a flagrant 1 foul for an action done against the Rockets' Michael Beasley.