OVO's DVSN released one of the best R&B albums this year titled Sept. 5th project. Throughout the year, the the crooner/producer duo was light on the videos.

But that changed during the last quarter of 2016. DVSN just blessed fans with visuals for “Too Deep” and “With Me / Do It Well" -- and today (Dec. 29), the singer shared a brand new short film. The story follows an organized team of stick-up kids. We later learn that they're all part of the church choir.

Despite the successful robberies, some of the robbers aren't content with a life of crime.

"I'm not trying to live like this," says one of the women. "I don't want this stress and bullshit. This isn't my dream. We're going to get in, get out and our lives will change. That's it."

The nine minute Randall Okita-directed clip features "Try/Effortless" and "Angela" as the film's soundtrack.