Future's mentions may be in shambles after his comments about Jay Z's classic debut album Reasonable Doubt became known on social media Wednesday night (Dec. 14)  The ATLien along with Hot 97 FM's Ebro Darden, Steve Stout LeBron James and more offered their two cents about hip-hop, but it was Future said about Jay Z's freshman LP that made Twitter stop and think for a moment.

"Jay Z wasn’t great when Tupac and Biggie was alive,” Future said. "It was Biggie, Tupac, Ice Cube. [Reasonable Doubt] wasn’t hot until [Tupac and Biggie] died."

— DJ Akademiks (@IamAkademiks) December 14, 2016

Before everyone went into cardiac arrest, the What A Time To Be Alive artist further explained his stance. Future said he has nothing but respect for Hov and the contribution he made to the culture, but looking back on it, the album that boasted tracks such as "Can't Knock The Hustle" "22 Two's" "Can I Live" and "Ain't No N***a" wasn't appreciated in 1996 like it is now.

"I’m saying at that time, [it wasn’t hot]. They always go back for your classic album. When Nas dropped his first album, it was great then," Future clarified "When I Ruled The World came out, it was the best then. You have to go back and listen to Reasonable Doubt and [think] this the best sh*t ever."

Fair enough, and ironically, Twitter seemed to agree with Future's thought process too.