Pinterest, the source of where some of your visual dreams may lay, has rolled out a list of some of its popular beauty trends expected to thrive in 2017.

Released on Monday (Dec. 19), the company put together "Pinterest 100 for 2017," a list of its popular tags and trends to discover what users are really planning for in the new year. Not surprisingly, natural hair made the list as we all want to go for the big chop and a fresh start. Other hairstyles included braided top knots and a second coming of the ombre look. Beauty aspects like the chrome nail and microblading also proved to be a wonder with users. While chrome nails give a futuristic look to your nail beds, microblading takes your brow game to the next level.

More fashionable trends included 80's inspired fashion, coconut oil (ha!) and airport style slayage.

Check out our favorites below.

No-heat/Natural Hairstyles


Coconut Oil Mixes

High neckline Dresses

Armband Tattoos

Airport Style

Crystal Healing