Azealia Banks strikes again with her latest rant, which was an attempt at revealing her criticism of the Women's March, and why she views this moment as the country's "big anxiety attack."

Rising up the list of most controversial rappers, the "212" artist found the international gathering to be the perfect opportunity to criticize the social movement. She took to Instagram on Sunday (Jan. 22) to criticize the most recent collection of gatherings that comprised of supporters and demonstrations from around the world.

As a proud Trump supporter, the Harlemite said "the election was enough stress." She continued to state, "I just feel like the entire country is having one big anxiety attack and I just would like it to chill."

Banks proceeded to make the comparison between the marches and the lack of effort during the various instances where Black Americans were fatally shot by the police. Banks commented by saying, "Now that some white dude has taken office who simply said something silly about grabbing a pu**y they want to march in the streets under the guise of 'standing up for human freedoms' but where the f*ck were they when black folk were getting shot down every day last year?"

Before she concluded her rant, the 25-year-old made sure to instruct her fans to "keep calm and wait for new AB music." We're no strangers to Azealia Banks going against the popular opinion, and we bet this won't be her last take on the feminist movements.