If you're in need of spiritual pick me up, look no further than KAMAU's latest single, "M?NT" featuring Talibah Safiya.

In true fashion, the D.C native takes the visual to the track to another level. Directed by iF (The Invisible Firm), KAMAU and Safiya portray two lovers pursuing a place to lay their heads. It also pays a sentiment to unity, as the artists sing of finding the meaning of life within each other. The press release, like KAMAU, is poetic as it calls for listeners to take heed to the requirements love needs for it to take its true form.

"In the short musical piece, we see the two perform the song MiNT whilst in the gratitude of each others presence. It is a blessing to be and to be here and present," it reads. "It is a blessing to breath, but for many, not an exclusively pretty one. For many, this reality on breath, is both magnificently soft and immensely harsh. It is in those moments of harshness that we a forced to see how much we need each other. Even in achieving our prime act, being born, there would have needed to have been at least two. Living is collaborating within the great unity. Even in breath, we need the output of things outside of ourselves, (Oxygen from phytoplankton, algae, bacteria and many terrestrial and aquatic plants, etc.) There is a certain level of unity, respect, servitude and co-dependency prerequisite for love, or anything to grow.

KAMAU has received plenty of praise for his 2016 project A Gorgeous Fortune including its standout track, "Justayu." The playful single was featured on FIFA 17 and the HBO hit series, Insecure. The EP also landed on VIBE's "Slept on Albums Of 2016" list.

Feel the groove of "M?NT" below.