There are all kinds of unknown facts about our favorite rappers that only insiders know about, but who would have every thought The L.O.X. were checked by their mentor, The Notorious B.I.G.

As Sheek, Styles, and Jadakiss were establishing themselves as rap rookies in the early 90s, they managed to sign a deal with Diddy who brought them to Bad Boy. During one of their early assignments, they wrote verses for the now infamous "You'll See" freestyle before Biggie got to touch the record.

However, after hearing what Big Poppa laid to the beat, they knew he was checking all hip-hop newcomers who weren't really living the lavish life they claimed to live --- and The L.O.X. didn't have much money in those days despite their raps.

The recently group sat down with Genius and broke down their verses as well as their take on Biggies playful jab at them.