Nick Cannon was in great spirits and even better health Tuesday (Jan. 17) when he stopped by the Ellen DeGeneres show. Rocking his trademark turban, the America's Got Talent host spoke about what caused his latest stay in the hospital.

"What actually happened was 70 percent of the blood ending up going to one of my arms because you know, I was on some of these blood thinners, so I had to get like, five blood transfusions." Cannon revealed. The comic made light of the potentially life-threatening situation by saying his arm had swollen so much he began to look like the cartoon character Popeye. "I kind of new something was wrong, but once we got to the hospital we got it all in order and got my levels back together," Cannon said.

Degeneres congratulated Cannon on his recovery, and could not help but ask him about his ex-wife's New Year's Eve blunder. Cannon, ever the conspiracy theorist, blamed Carey's fiasco on an unlikely source.

"You know me, I'm a conspiracy theorist I think the government did that. They set her up. That was a distraction," Cannon said to a laughing audience. Anyone who knows about performing and having inner ears, things like that can go wrong on live television. I do live television all the time. I screw up on America's Got Talent all the time."

The government, Cannon? Really? We're still not sure if he was joking or not. Watch the clip and judge for yourself.