The Giants managed to clinch the playoffs early last week but still had a game left in the regular season, which just so happened to be against Josh Norman and the rest of the Washington Redskins.

It is clear that there is no love lost between Odell Beckham Jr. and Norman after the aggressive fouls in the Giants and Panthers game that is claimed to start the rivalry where the 24-year-old even swung at Norman during the game. Norman hasn't been silent about the matter either making his disgust for Odell known.

I.E., This friendly reminder from 2015.


The strife between Beckham and Norman has been ongoing, and the latest chapter included two penalties against Norman in a game that the Redskins needed to win to secure a spot in the playoffs. To the surprise of many, the player managed to shrug these fouls of and remain poised during the game but just when you thought this might be the end of the subliminal shots, he may have added a new element; Instagram mixed with some Drake lyrics.

Early last year, Beckham reached into his bag of quotes and pulled out a Kanye lyric that also seemed to be an intended shot at Norman during the same time he inked his deal for 75$ million with the Redskins after playing for the Carolina Panthers.


As one of the most recognizable names in the NFL, the Giants wide receiver has no reservations pulling from his good friend Drake’s catalog of quotes to possibly take a shot at Norman posting a picture of them two and including the caption, “Everybody did a deal, I did it without one…”


Although this seems to be a not so elusive shot at Norman, he told ESPN Sunday (Jan. 1), "That [feud] has been dead for quite some time. Put that to an end." He continued to say, "I don't care about any foolishness or the other stuff that goes on outside of those lines."

The two rivals won't gear up and face each other on the field until next season as the Giants successfully knocked off the Redskins in their journey to the playoffs, but we'll see how this rivalry continues outside of the field.