Odell Beckham Jr. probably played the worst game of his short NFL career, making his playoff debut Sunday (Jan. 8) in a 38-13 loss at Lambeau Field to the Green Bay Packers. The 24-year-old finished with only four receptions for 28 yards on 11 targets with multiple drops. Every media outlet has taken their shot to bring down the polarizing star since his publicized controversial trip to Miami last Monday (Jan. 2), to visit singers Trey Songz and Justin Bieber along with the rest of the receiving core.

Ray Lewis joined Fox Sports 1's Speak For Yourself and Undisputed talk shows to debate the hot-button topic of Beckham's antics impacting the New York Giants going forward, and he had some strong words for the young man. "Real friends tell you don't come to Miami, not if you playing Aaron Rodgers, we'll see you in four weeks. Real friends will tell you, straight up you can't do what we do," said Lewis.

"These young kids have lost their minds. The social media wave: it's all about me, me, me." Lewis continued.

The former Baltimore Raven also called on Victor Cruz to be the veteran held accountable to stop the group from making the trip. Lewis asked Beckham, "What do you wanna be when the game is done, son?"

Check out the rest of what the two-time Super Bowl champ had to say about Beckham and the Giants above. Do you believe the Miami trip impacted the Giants' performance in Green Bay?

Last year Beckham paid homage to Lewis, hitting his signature dance in the endzone on Monday Night Football during a game, coincidentally in Miami.