A Dallas woman is suing Uber after a crash left her paralyzed from the neck down.

Fox4 Dallas reports Milburn, an Oklahoma State student,  ordered an Uber from a friend on November 14, 2015. Then 23, Milburn rode in the Honda Odyssey with driver Arian Yusufzai. After running a red light, the car crashed into another vehicle and flipped multiple times, injuring Milburn and her friends. Milburn is now unable to walk on her own and relies on the assistance of her parents. Her lawsuit goes after Uber, Honda, Yusufzai and 53-year-old Dawood Kohistanti, the actual owner of the car.

Fox 4 Dallas

Milburn's attorney, Charla Androus, says the car was not insured and Yusufzai had a criminal past that included similar charges. “They should not allow them to drive under Uber’s name because passengers who get in those cars assume they're safe, and they're not,” Androus said.

Milburn's charges to Uber are currently undetermined. Yusufzai nor Uber have commented on the matter, but Milburn is hoping the company and its customers will learn from her story. “Millions of people trust Uber with their lives every day, and they have no idea who they are getting in the car with,” Milburn said. The company is dealing with a batch of lawsuits in the new year which include negligence, fraud, and assault, after an Uber driver in Philadelphia allegedly attacked a driver when he asked to be driven to New Jersey.