The Internet was a blaze last week when it was announced Jim Jones was the newest Roc Nation signee. However, that news was only trumped by Jimmy's emotional interview with Hot.97 FM's Funkmaster Flex in which he detailed the rise and fall of Dipset, one of hip-hop's most beloved rap cliques.

Through tears, frustration, anger and even a few laughs Jones put it all on the table and let fans know how his one time friend Cam'ron has now become someone he used to know. Jones said in the early days he knew Cam was the star of Dipset, and made sure the entire entourage knew as well. Capo also alleged he was Cam's right hand man, manager, security and enforcer if need be. Cam'ron, who took to Instagram Live Saturday night (Feb. 12) doesn't remember it that way, but insists he's happy for his one time brother-in-arms.

"A lot of stuff he was saying was based on emotion and wasn’t true because he’s an emotional guy. I really hope Jim is successful and I wish him the best of luck," Cam said.

But let Killa tell the story, everything went downhill after Jones started dating his now fiance Chrissy Lampkin. Jimmy had his eye on Chrissy for sometime and when he finally got the girl of his dreams, according to Cam, he was a bit zealous. Cam, now 41, realizes making fun of his friend's budding romance was immature and hurtful and if he could, he would take it back.

“I made these T-shirts and it said, ‘Tricky Ricky aka Jim Jones Is A Trick,' ” Cam said. “At the time we had mad n***as in jail and I was sending them money and [Jim Jones] was not looking out for none of our n***as in jail. On the back of the shirt had all our n***as in jail and I had called [Jim Jones] a trick. I wasn’t looking at it like that. I’m looking at it like that’s how we play. I wasn’t trying to disrespect him because I didn’t know their relationship was going to grow to be what it was.”

Cam said Jones was livid because of the shirts and soon began to criticize Cam's handling of business. "Them shirts hurt. I had n***as wearing the shirts in the studio. Everybody was wearing the shirt. It was just a joke, but he took that sh*t serious, B.” Cam explained.  “After I did that shirt, everything was downhill, and [Jim Jones] started acting like it’s the business. ‘Cam is robbing us. Cam ain’t this. Cam ain’t doing that.’ That’s when the sh*t fell out…after I made them shirts.”

For many who tuned in, to see Jones cry only further validated the pain he spoke of. Cam on the other hand took a more logical approach and stated matter-of-factly that Capo is just an emotional guy.

"He does things off emotion. Even when this is over, he’s gonna write some sh*t on Instagram that’s emotional. He was crying on Love and Hip-Hop. That n**a cries. I’m not dissing him. He didn’t just cry yesterday. He been crying because he’s emotional."

Like they say, all good things come to an end.