"Somebody get Katie Couric in here," Chance the Rapper said on Acid Rap's 2013 track "Paranoia." Fast forward to 2017 and the Chicago native sat down for an interview with the famed Yahoo News reporter at one of his favorite grub spots in the city, Harold's Chicken Shack. The conversation flowed into every aspect of the independent artist's life. Couric also peppered the 23-year-old with intellectual questions.

The three-time Grammy Award winner reflected on his superstar Jordan year, inspiration from Kirk Franklin, his future plans for the Chicago community, and his daughter Kensley, who he says "Is the best thing that's ever happened to me and its made me more grateful."

When he started listening to Kirk Franklin in Los Angeles, Chance fell into a different creative space for music, crafting his soulful sound which helped him recover from a Xanax addiction.

He also revealed his one and only tattoo to Couric in a bonus clip, which keeps his work ethic in tact. "It's a backwards tattoo," he explained, "It says 'get back to work.' It's a mirror tattoo, which is a concept I created. Basically, it's a reminder that I'm not doing enough."

The Coloring Book artist also dived into his relationship with Kanye West, and how 'Ye, former President Barack Obama, and comedian Dave Chappelle have impacted his life in a "godfather" mentorship role. Chano claims Yeezy did not make an appearance at the Grammy Awards because, "It didn't make sense for him."

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