Selena turns 20 this year, but the Queen of Tejano's widower, Chris Perez, never managed to get through most of the biopic—until now. On Monday night (Feb. 6), the guitarist took to Facebook to announce that he would be tuning in for the first time.

"Guess what just started on the Lifetime tv channel...yup," he wrote. "Gonna grab a bottle of wine from the kitchen and sit through the movie in it's entirety for the first time (besides the premier...where my eyes were closed half of the time). Wish me luck. This is gonna be surreal."

Luckily for diehard Selena fans, the Selena y Los Dinos alum got past the test of a lifetime and shared his thoughts on what the movie got right and what didn't make the cut. While he skipped out on the final leg of the movie (can we blame him?), the love of Selena's life checked in with the facts. Here are some key takeaways:

Chris first laid eyes on Selena at Dennys:

The pizza scene left out Selena and Chris' first proclamation of love:

Joe didn't bust their relationship after all: 

And if it wasn't clear before, Selena made the first move:

Chris wasn't an innocent party in the room trashing scene:

The movie didn't quite nail chronology:

Or capture how insane Selena's first show in Mexico got:

But, in spite of the missing pieces, Jennifer Lopez's flawless performance cannot be disputed:

Unfortunately for Chris, the television adaptation of his memoir, To Selena With Love, came to a stall after his former father-in-law Abraham Quintanilla Jr. issued a lawsuit against him. Though there's more to his romance with the legendary singer that couldn't fit in a two-hour film, fans were more than appreciative for the little insight they could get.

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